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Boost your brand with marketing services

Advertising solutions built for cannabis

LeafLink helps brands grow their reach through customized campaigns targeting retailers at point of purchase. Increase brand awareness, generate leads, and drive new and return orders.

Featured Brand Ads

Place your brand at the top of search results on the Shop Brands page.

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Sponsored Emails

Send targeted email blasts to purchasing managers in your state.

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leaflink cannabis advertising

Display Ad Bundles

Promote your products with visual display ads throughout the LeafLink marketplace.

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Product Ads and Deals Page Ads

Share your products at the top of search results on the Shop Products or LeafLink Deals page.

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What clients are saying

"LeafLink has provided us with the tools needed to reach both potential leads as well as current customers with messaging around new product launches and new state launches. LeafLink’s marketing tools have also helped us to increase brand awareness and to stay top of mind while dispensaries shop on LeafLink."

cannabis advertising testimonial

Julia Bright

Director of Marketing, Wana Brands

"About a year ago, we began advertising on LeafLink and using Sponsored Emails to promote news and product launches. We have seen 6x the growth in monthly orders and total sales on the platform since then, and have generated relationships with new retailers to help expand our brand presence in California. We will continue to use LeafLink's marketing tools to promote our brand as we expand into new markets!"

cannabis advertising testimonial

Melissa Henry

Director of Marketing, Sunderstorm

"Running ad campaigns with LeafLink has given us the ability to grow our presence by building awareness about our brands with dispensaries in Michigan. In addition, LeafLink advertising has helped us reach new buyers, re-engage existing customers, and consistently increase our monthly sales."

cannabis advertising testimonial

Omar Hishmeh

President, Exclusive Brands

Results You Can Measure

With LeafLink's marketing services, brands can tap into an audience of 100% licensed buyers across the U.S.



Brands see an average of 86% more orders placed by buyers while running ads

First Orders


Brands see an average of 121% more first orders from new retailers while running ads

Sample Requests


Brands get an average of 64% more sample requests while running ads

Buyer Inquiries


Brands see an average of 87% more buyer inquiries while running ads