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Quick and easy digital payments arrive faster than traditional payment methods. LeafLink’s payment options allow you to collect payment now, on terms, or on sell-through. However you choose to get paid, LeafLink can make it happen.

Introducing Payment on Sell-Through (PoST)

Get automated, guaranteed payments from retailers, plus detailed product performance insights to level-up your sales strategy.

Smarter sales, automated collections

LeafLink’s Payment on Sell-Through (PoST) is the first program of its kind in cannabis, offering guaranteed payments to brands based on retailer sell-through.

How it works

When you ship a PoST order, we’ll immediately begin tracking changes to your retailer’s inventory via the seed-to-sale system. Each week we’ll calculate the total value of inventory sold for the previous week, and initiate an automatic payment directly from the retailer’s bank account to yours. You can track product performance and upcoming payments in your LeafLink dashboard at any time.

What it means for you

  • No more guessing
    Gain visibility into daily sell-through, enabling a more proactive sales approach
  • Guaranteed payments
    Receive guaranteed, automated weekly payments for inventory that has sold
  • Automated collections
    Automate payment reconciliation and collection processes, freeing up time for your finance team
  • Reduced risk
    Expand your product to additional stores without the risk of non-payment

  • No gimmicks, no hidden fees

    Cash and check payments can be expensive, and the banks that offer digital payments will often charge cannabis customers significantly higher fees. LeafLink’s digital payment offerings are clear, with costs stated upfront so there are no surprises.

  • Take the pain out of payments

    Instantly accept digital payments from all your buyers. Get a clear picture of who owes you for what, and when, without the hassle of email chains and spreadsheets. Because getting paid should be one of those things that just *happens*.

  • Know exactly where your money is

    Getting paid outside LeafLink means reconciling a mess of cash, checks and digital transfers, and spending hours chasing down buyers for payment, unsure of when it will arrive. LeafLink payments lets you track your orders and payment status all in one place, so you can ditch the manual work for good.

  • Payment, guaranteed

    Other payment methods can be hard to track and require tedious, hands-on collection efforts. With Payment on Sell-Through (PoST), you receive automated, guaranteed payments as products sell through and gain insights into how products are performing across SKUs, regions, and individual stores.

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“The convenience of Direct Pay is great. I can send invoices with the click of a button instead of having to write up an email with ACH instructions and attachments. And because LeafLink automatically applies the payment to the order, there’s less manual work for our team.”

Kyle Shea
Rochester, NY

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