Engage wholesale cannabis buyers with ads on LeafLink

Drive growth and defend your marketshare. Get your products in front of inventory purchasing managers on the LeafLink Marketplace – in up to 30 states. Ad space is limited.

Member of local and national cannabis industry organizations

Drive customer acquisition with your brand voice

Introduce your products to an active community of cannabis retail purchasing managers and wholesalers, and avoid concerns about ad restrictions.
Another perk of LeafLink membership!

Reengage retail customers with the first look at new products

Plant visual display ads on the buyer’s dashboard, so your brand is the first thing an inventory purchasing manager sees when they log in into LeafLink.

Keep your brand top of mind – and on dispensary shelves

Captivate customers with a hot ad campaign during your next product launch. Ads drive traffic to your LeafLink menu, where customers can buy now.

Curious how ads on LeafLink can grow your business?

Reach thousands of qualified B2B cannabis buyers — who are shopping on LeafLink now. Whether you’re launching a new product, entering a market, or expanding your marketshare, advertising on LeafLink can help you fill your sales pipeline with warm leads and drive sales faster. What’s your marketing goal next quarter?

Sponsor your brand to invite consideration

Boost your brand to the top of the list when customers are shopping on the LeafLink Marketplace by brand name. Great for new brands who are targeting local or national retail buyers.

Email purchasing managers exclusive offers

Engage customers with limited-time offers right in their inbox. Link back to your menu to drive sales faster.

Sponsor products to drive conversions

Captivate and reengage retail customer with a sponsored ad in your campaign. Our product recommendation engine will help you reach buyers who are most likely to buy what you’re selling. Great for local and national brands that need wholesale revenue growth.

Dig into your data to inform your next moves

Need to report on growth in your next meeting? Use LeafLink’s Advertising Insights report to view campaign performance data over time. Gain insights to optimize your conversion rates, and inform your marketing and sales strategy.

Keep the vibe alive with display ads

Captivate and reengage retail customer with a sponsored ad in your campaign. Great for local and national brands that need wholesale revenue growth.

  • Can I advertise any type of product, such as flower?

    Absolutely! LeafLink facilitates the sale of licensed wholesale cannabis, including flower, vapes, edibles, tinctures, and ancillary products.
  • How long does it take to launch my ad campaign?

    If you’re sponsoring products or brands in your ad campaign, it can be live on LeafLink in 48 hours or less.
  • How much do ads cost?

    Each ad campaign is tailored to your brand’s goals and the license types you want to reach. When you sit down with your Ads Account Executive, let’s talk about your budget and whether you want to reach buyer or seller licensees. Another thing to consider is the number of states the campaign where the campaign will be seen.
  • How do I boost my search rankings on LeafLink?

    We offer best practices for LeafLink search engine optimization, which helps you rank higher in organic search. Note that SEO takes time. Sponsor your brand and products to increase visibility and show up first on the search results list faster.

Reach more wholesale cannabis buyers now

When you advertise on LeafLink, you reach an audience that is 100% licensed for wholesale cannabis commerce. Use ads drive traffic to your online storefront, where buyers can learn about your products – and place purchase orders – any time of day. Need to drive growth faster?