our colors

Although our main color is our bright Blue Dream, we have an array of colors to support and compliment blue. Please note that pure black should be avoided if possible and Grandaddy Purp should be used in its place.

Blue Dream
R0 G121 B255
C89 M39 Y0 K0

Green Crack
R29 G224 B173
C72 M0 Y28 K0

LA Confidential
R0 G34 B172
C100 M92 Y0 K0

NYC Diesel
R1 G187 B180
C73 M0 Y36 K0

White Widow
R255 G255 B255
C0 M0 Y0 K0

Grandaddy Purp
R27 G20 B67
C98 M99 Y38 K47

our fonts

Our primary fonts are Gilroy for headlines and Adelle Sans for body copy. If you don't have a license for these, Poppins and Noto Sans can be used as fallbacks and are available for free at Google Fonts.


Headline Font

Noto Sans

Body Text Font

marketing kit

Our marketing kit contains screenshots of the LeafLink platform, various Shop Us On LeafLink buttons for use on your website or marketing emails, and headshots of our co-founders. Please follow the same guidelines for the buttons that you would for using our logo. Please don't alter screenshots of the LeafLink platform, change the way the product looks, or include user information in the screenshots.

Marketing Kit

shipping slip

Show your customers that they can easily shop your brand on LeafLink by downloading our shipping slip. The shipping slip is an easy-to-edit Photoshop Document which you can then add to any of your packages.

Shipping Slip

did we miss something?

If you or your business need something we don't have here please feel free to get in touch with our marketing team at marketing@leaflink.com.