Learn how Tumbleweed used LeafLink to streamline ordering across multiple locations

Streamline purchasing across locations with LeafLink

It can be difficult for retail chains to manage purchasing across locations with different inventory needs. Retailers with multiple locations can use LeafLink as a centralized ordering platform to provide visibility into each store’s orders in one place.

2 +
Years on LeafLink
$ 2 M+
Orders Placed Through LeafLink
Retail Locations
20- 40
Brands Sold in Store

Company Overvie

Tumbleweed operates 7 retail locations in Colorado. They’ve been in business for 2 years and have been on LeafLink almost as long.

The Goal

Use LeafLink to efficiently manage purchasing across multiple locations

The Challenge

Keeping track of inventory and purchasing across 7 locations

Each store has different inventory needs based on demand in their geographic location. They go through product at different rates, so ordering the same thing for each shop doesn’t make sense.

At Tumbleweed, the Director of Retail is responsible for ordering across all seven locations and has to rely on location managers to let him know what inventory needs to be re-stocked. To make things more complicated, each location stocks up to 40 brands. Without LeafLink that would mean tracking down up to 40 brand reps to get updated menus, and placing orders for up to 7 locations from each brand.

“Before LeafLink, I would have different reps for different companies and would have to track them down to get updated lists for their current inventory. [With LeafLink] You can place an order in under a minute. It’s so quick, it takes seconds.”

The Solution

Tumbleweed uses LeafLink to facilitate a streamlined ordering workflow that allows the Director of Retail to review and approve orders proposed by multiple managers for all 7 locations.

Location managers fill up their LeafLink carts weekly and the Director of Retail logs in (using individual store login or universal login for all locations), views their carts, makes adjustments, and places the orders – all on LeafLink.

Having one cart filled with multiple brands per location saves significant time compared to the old ways of working, which involved multiple orders for each storefront.

The Results

A simplified workflow

“Every single brand we work with is on LeafLink. I won’t move forward with a brand if they’re not because I like keeping everything organized in a single spot. Our entire CRM is on there – LeafLink is great for managing everything we need to be successful.”

Less time spent ordering

“I get asked all the time about bringing on new brands or products. LeafLink’s Inventory and sales management tools give us the opportunity to see if there’s a fit within our portfolio or a niche we’re not hitting.”

No more tracking down reps

“Retailers order when it’s convenient for them. The ease of ordering with LeafLink is amazing – customers don’t have to wait for a salesperson to come take their order or answer an email or phone call.

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