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Learn how Timeless Vapes partnered with LeafLink to generate over $100M in sales.

Timeless Generates Over $100M in Sales With LeafLink

Operational efficiency is crucial for cannabis brands, especially those with high transaction volumes. Timeless Vapes is a large, fast-growing cannabis brand that needed an automated solution to handle the significant number of orders coming in every day. The Timeless team was also seeking market trends that could easily help them assess opportunities for growth, both within the state of Arizona and beyond.
Learn how Timeless generated over $100 million in sales by taking advantage of LeafLink’s full platform to simplify the increasingly complex wholesale operations of the cannabis industry.

Company overview

Timeless Vapes was founded in 2011 with the vision of creating a leading lifestyle house of brands around cannabis products that are efficient, safe, and discreet to use. Timeless continues to execute towards this vision by creating high-quality products and connecting with consumers through its pillars of Culture, Community, and Legacy.

Their passion for research and development and brand-building has led Timeless to be one of the most innovative cannabis brands in the country. They’re a multi-state operator with presence in Arizona, California, Missouri, and Oklahoma, and launching soon in Ohio with more markets to come. Timeless relies on an entrepreneurial culture and has built a house of brands including Timeless, Noir Live Resin Terpene Vapes, Canary THC Ratio Vapes, Joilo Pre-rolls, and the newest addition to their portfolio, Tumble, known for its infused pre-rolls.

The challenge

Prior to joining LeafLink, Timeless took a traditional approach to sales. Most orders came in over the phone or via email, which was very manual and error-prone. Customers often needed to rely directly on sales personnel for inquiries into products and order status, cutting into time and efficiency.

The Timeless team knew they needed to digitize core areas of their business and invest in a platform that could support its high order volume – something that would consolidate orders into a single location and boost operational efficiency. They were also seeking a 360-degree view of the customer and Arizona market, so they could piece together various customer interactions and intelligently analyze market trends.

The solution

A centralized platform to streamline manual workflows

LeafLink pitched its platform to Timeless in 2018, when buyer expectations were shifting from using traditional outbound channels to inbound online platforms. Timeless would gain the ability to sell products to the growing market in Arizona and organically reach more buyers without having to invest a large amount of capital. In addition, sales activity would no longer be dictated by the availability of their sales team, since LeafLink was open for order intake 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Timeless then became one of the first brands in Arizona to adopt LeafLink. In the years since, the company has been a strategic partner to LeafLink in understanding both the challenges and opportunities of the wholesale cannabis supply chain, within the Arizona market and beyond.

“LeafLink offered immediate benefits including visibility into our orders, shipping, restocking and needed price changes in a single place. It helped us improve relationships with customers by better anticipating their purchasing needs.”

Josh Hirschey | President, Timeless Vapes

When Timeless was ready to expand into other markets, they were keen on leveraging MarketScape, which helped them assess top brands and retailers in their respective regions, as well as trending product categories and subcategories. This tool helped inform market analysis and planning to enter a new market, giving them a thorough understanding of customer behavior, competitive dynamics, and product fit.

A few years following the initial onboarding, LeafLink launched Flexible Payments in Arizona. Brands sell their accounts receivable to LeafLink for a small discount and are paid instantly, creating consistent cash flow. This means that brands never have to wait for any outstanding payments before starting their next batch of production. LeafLink then assumes all responsibility of collecting the payment from the buyer on a future date, depending on the net terms that are offered to them.

Timeless was familiar with this payment structure and was excited that LeafLlink was bringing this financing to the cannabis industry. They were no strangers to the imbalance of working capital in cannabis, and the ongoing expenses to keep the business afloat, including any expenses related to compliance, property purchases or leases, equipment, advertising, and security.

This left very little funds to pay their staff and invest in future production capacity, especially at the speed at which they were growing. Using LeafLink also meant that they could automate and consolidate all Accounts Receivable, since all invoices would live within a single system.

“LeafLink’s Flexible Payments have made our Accounts Receivable really quick and painless. Being able to have instant access to that cash, and redirecting it to other aspects of the business, has really allowed us to grow and scale.”


Today, Timeless leverages LeafLink to execute multiple business functions from a single, automated tool. As a result, they’ve generated well over $100M in GMV in LeafLink, and that number continues to grow annually.

“LeafLink has the ability to stand up in any new market and innovate. We consider them a trusted partner as we continue to build on the Timeless house of brands, and have always appreciated how accessible they are regarding any questions or concerns. The user experience is intuitive and seamless, and has given us great value over the last 4 years. We look forward to continuing to grow the partnership.”

LeafLink unlocks a world of efficiency and optimization by applying data, technology, and transparency to the cannabis supply chain. If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to sales@leaflink.com!

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