Learn how Smokiez used LeafLink to centralize their operations and manage their multi-state business

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In addition to serving as a wholesale marketplace, LeafLink offers a CRM, order management tools, and marketing services. Brands can leverage these solutions to drive sales and sample requests through the platform.

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“Our accuracy and consistency has gone way up now that things are centralized. It has not only helped with sales but manufacturing as well. We now have all of our sales people entering all orders on to the LeafLink platform.”

Chuck Wright | Owner, Smokiez Edibles

Company Overview

Smokiez Edibles is an edible company based in Portland Oregon with licensed manufacturing facilities in Oregon, Washington, and California. They’ve been in business for over 4 years and have used LeafLink for over 2 years to manage their multi-state business and level up their sales.

Product Focus: Edibles including taffy, fruit chews, chocolate, and hard candy

The Goal

Smokiez Edibles was already active on LeafLink, but was looking for a way to increase sales and grow their business.

The Strategy

Smokiez Edibles used a multi-tactic approach to increase sales by combining CRM and Manual Order use with the additional reach of LeafLink.

  • Manual Orders
    Smokiez Edibles sales reps enter manual orders on behalf of retailers that are not on LeafLink to track all their sales in one place. Fewer errors occur when all order data is centralized on one platform.
  • CRM & sales funnel adoption
    Smokiez Edibles sales reps can log all their previous tasks and touch-points with customers in Leaflink’s CRM, and set reminders for future tasks to help manage their sales funnel.
  • Platform advertising and sponsored emails
    Smokiez Edibles ads appeared throughout the platform, providing strategic exposure to purchasing managers as they placed orders on LeafLink. Smokiez also utilized Sponsored Emails to send a branded email blast promoting new products directly to purchasing managers in Oregon.

“We were working with [other advertisers] who were promising 2 million impressions, but didn’t provide any other analytics to back up our investment. You guys provided much more analytics to help us understand what’s going on.”

The Results

After onboarding their sales team with LeafLink’s CRM and Manual Orders, Smokiez Edibles experienced:

  • 247% increase in monthly orders logged on LeafLink
  • 98% increase in monthly orders
  • 50% increase in first orders
  • 77% increase in sample requests

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