Herban Extracts

Learn how Herban Extracts used LeafLink to help with time management for a small team with complex logistics

A small team with a lot at stake

Effective time management is crucial to any business, especially for small teams operating in environments with complex logistics.

LeafLink’s marketplace and inventory management tools provide brands with a system they can rely on, so they can focus on other parts of the business.

Employees on Staff
10 +
Months on LeafLink
68 +
SKUs on LeafLink
66 +
Active Customers

“This software makes managing our salable inventory easy. Our costs would be higher if we didn’t use LeafLink – I would have to hire more people. I can’t imagine doing business without it.”

Lisa Coates | Owner & Manager, Herban Extracts

Company Overview

Herban Extracts is a cannabis oil manufacturer based in Alaska. They focus exclusively on cartridges and concentrates, and their product ordering includes a rotation of more than two dozen strains. They’ve been in business since December 2018 and have used LeafLink to manage their inventory and process 99% of their orders since then.

Product Focus: Cartridges and Concentrates

The Goal

To grow their business quickly while maintaining a small staff, Herban Extracts wanted an advanced system to efficiently manage day-to-day operations like tracking order fulfillment and monitoring inventory.

The Challenge

Alaska’s expansive geography makes operating a cannabis brand uniquely challenging. Visiting retailers and delivering orders is time consuming, often requiring long drives or a flight. Staying top of mind is difficult, and mistakes are expensive – both in time and transportation cost – so maintaining 100% accuracy is crucial.

“The state of Alaska is big. Delivery is a real challenge here. We get around the state a lot, so transportation costs are very high. It’s a logistical nightmare.”

The Solution

Work smarter, not harder with LeafLink

  • Add new products
    Herban Extracts adds new menu items at the beginning of the week to capture buyers’ attention when they tend to place orders
  • Update menu regularly
    This keeps retailers informed about what’s in stock, and saves Herban Extracts from wasting time fixing orders, handling phone calls, or re-issuing invoices
  • Leverage the Marketplace
    Once a relationship has been established, Herban Extracts sends buyers their LeafLink menu they only work with retailers who order through the platform

“I knew that with a team of four people, it would be impossible not to have some sort of system like LeafLink. I needed a place where retailers could place orders instead of contacting me directly.”

The Results

Herban Extracts uses LeafLink to streamline their order management so they can focus on building relationships, delivering product, and imagining the future of their brand.

Added Benefits

After implementing LeafLink, Dixie discovered a number of added benefits outside of their original intent with the platform.

  • Create a source of truth
    “I love that LeafLink keeps track of my inventory. As the orders come in, retailers only see what’s available – they don’t see what they missed out on.”
  • Cast a wider net
    “It’s a young industry, and there are more retailers coming online all the time. I may not even know that a store opened, but they can find us on LeafLink and reach out that way.”
  • Spend time where it matters
    “Business relationships are everything here. Before we sell into a store, I like to meet them. Once we’ve met, I can just send them an email telling them to check out our menu on LeafLink.”

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