D&K Ventures

Learn how D&K Ventures uses LeafLink to drive over $25M growth through increased team productivity and centralized workflows.

Executive Summary

  • D&K Ventures is driving multi-million dollar growth for its two cannabis brands in Michigan with LeafLink
  • COO increased team productivity by centralizing workflows for purchase orders, accounts receivable, and order fulfillment in LeafLink
  • Its retail customers enjoy fast, accurate, and compliant deliveries

“We do everything with LeafLink. All our inventory controls, invoices, reconciliation everything is being done on the platform. Being able to integrate operations, fulfillment, and financing has been a real game changer. LeafLink is our backbone and continues to help us grow.”

Tim Schuler, President and COO of D&K Ventures

Company Overview

D&K Ventures is a Michigan-based company that owns two popular cannabis brands: Detroit Edibles and Cannalicious Labs. Detroit Edibles produces handcrafted, premium edibles for both medicinal and recreational use. Cannalicious Labs manufactures premium distillates, RSO tinctures, gummies, and pre-rolls.

With a growing customer base and a complex operating structure, D&K Venture’s COO needed a way to simplify operations across the order lifecycle, from inventory management through delivery to retail stores.

450 +
Active Customers
90 +
Years in Business

The Challenge

Because of stringent local and federal regulations, the company’s ops teams found managing everyday processes like tracking inventory, getting paid, and delivering orders on time to be a challenge. 

”When we started, we had one sales rep selling from an Excel spreadsheet with inventory. As soon as we had two, things got complicated and we were in danger of overselling. That was when I realized we needed a real-time solution to this challenge,” said Tim Schuler, President and COO of D&K Ventures.

Schuler was seeing significant and growing demand for his company’s products, but struggled with finding a logistics solution that could keep up. This made achieving growth goals tough. Retailers couldn’t keep their products in stock, which came with short and long term costs.

“Out of stocks kill the ability for a customer to walk into every store and see our brand on the shelf. If you’re out of stock for one day out of a week, that could be 14% of sales,” Schuler explains.

The Solution

D&K Ventures centralized operations for both its brands into one platform— LeafLink. Today, the company uses LeafLink Marketplace to control purchase orders, track inventory, and tap into market insights that inform pricing and growth strategies. It uses LeafLink Payments to get paid for products. It also uses LeafLink Logistics services to store inventory in a Fulfillment Center and quickly ship products to retail customers across the state.

1. Fast, Accurate Order Fulfillment

Both Cannalicous Labs and Detroit Edibles products are stored in a secure Fulfillment Center, which handles the day-to-day aspects of picking and packing orders. 
 Each order is handled with care and packed in compliance with the state’s stringent chain of custody requirements. Metrc integration included.

2. Centralized Accounts Receivable

Each brand’s accounting team can keep track of payments owed and received with one tool. Cannalicious Labs can can offer net terms to retail customers with LeafLink Payments, saving them time on invoice reconciliation. Quickbooks integration included

3. Brand Growth Tools

Sales leads use LeafLink Marketplace to reach new customers and MarketScape data reports to drive marketshare growth across product categories. Meanwhile, product leads use LeafLink wholesale market data to inform product development and pricing strategies. Detroit Edibles has since enjoyed double digit growth in the edibles category.

“LeafLink gets the essence of being a company — serving your customers. They continue to look for the holes that customers have, and then figure out how to make it better. They’re always innovating for the customer, and we lean on them to help grow our companies,” Schuler said.

7900 +
Orders Processed
1400 +
Invoices Funded
98 %
On Time Delivery
75 %
Less Time Wrangling Transporters

Serving Big Retail Stores
LeafLink Logistics empowers D&K Ventures to provide fast shipping service for both its brands, including Next Day Delivery in the Detroit Metro area. Schuler’s team uses one platform to accept orders and ship to hundreds of retail stores.

Accepting Secure Digital Payments
LeafLink Payments improves transaction accuracy, while saving the accounting team time. It also increases safety for employees and retailers who formerly managed cash payments.

Growing With LeafLink
D&K Ventures enjoys the process uniformity and increased data accuracy that comes with using one platform to control commerce, payments, and logistics for all its brands. LeafLink is helping its team be more productive, and capture new revenue opportunities that are the lifeblood of a growing business.

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