For Retailers | March 27, 2023

Q1 2023 Product Spotlight

Learn about the features we built this quarter to help our customers grow.

Below you’ll find our latest and dankest product updates from the last quarter, including volume discounts for seller-generated orders, a batch quantity tracker for your flower inventory, and tailored insights reports for our Fulfillment offerings. Keep reading to see what LeafLink has been up to in the last few months!


Reward buyers with volume-based incentives (seller-generated orders)

Sellers can now apply volume discount pricing to product lines on orders that are created on behalf of their customers, so that they can reward buyers for purchasing more of a product with an increased discount. Volume discounts incentivize buyers to purchase larger quantities to restock for less, which means brands can sell more product and reduce inventory levels more quickly.

Keep track of batch quantities in LeafLink

Sellers in Arizona, Oregon, and Missouri can now keep track of batch quantities with LeafLink inventory tools. After adding a batch to LeafLink, the seller can assign a quantity to it, enabling its teams to know exactly how much product they have on hand at any given time. Knowing how much is on hand helps keep inventory and sales records tidy, and sellers are able to strategically ship oldest batches first to execute on a First In First Out (FIFO) strategy.

Adding quantities to batches of flower:

Selecting a batch for a seller-generated order:

Enjoy a seamless UX experience on our Orders Sent/Received Pages

We’ve improved the usability of the Orders Sent and Received Pages in order to optimize the look and feel of the interface. Orders will no longer open in a net-new tab, and rather, a user will be taken to the Order Details on the same page when clicking into the order. This helps reduce the chances of our customers getting lost or unable to find their previous place – especially on mobile, when too many tabs can be overwhelming. Customers will just need to press the “back” button in order to return to their previous view.

Add compliance data to orders faster

LeafLink is saving sellers time on seed-to-sale compliance by letting sellers attach Metrc tags directly from the Order invoice. After connecting the seller’s LeafLink account to Metrc, and importing package tag and item data, customers can add seed-to-sale tracking data directly on the Order invoice. They can attach a package tag for an entire case of product, or split the inventory from an existing package into two new packages – on the Order’s line item. These package tags will be used to pre-fill data in the shipping manifest, aka the Metrc Transfer Template, directly in the customer’s Metrc account and helps prevent any order rejections from the retailer.


Stay compliant in California with financing disclosures

In December 2022, California started requiring customers to sign financing acknowledgments any time they engage with a third-party lender (like LeafLink) to increase transparency. As a result, all Flexible Payments invoices in California will now include a clickable hyperlink to view the financing disclosure for each invoice, as well as a legal disclosure notifying the user that they will be accepting financing terms when paying a financing fee. While this update will change the appearance of your experience slightly, there has been no change to how LeafLink handles financing or invoice processing.


Predict demand with Fulfillment Order Insights

We’ve built a new report called Fulfillment Order Insights, which offers brand fulfillment customers an easy way to analyze their fulfillment order data, including total deliveries, order values, and actual collected payment amounts, and filtered by order date, order status, and brand name. Sellers can also locate all outbound inventory, with both the requested date and the date it was actually delivered, and have the ability to inspect seed-to-sale product tracking data as needed. This is made possible by connecting our fulfillment partners’ Metrc accounts directly into LeafLink. The report provides a great way for sellers to get a gauge for what products are actually selling, or what they should actively be manufacturing and stocking in our partner-managed warehouses.

Track the status of your shipments:

Analyze the sell-through rates of your warehouse inventory:

Make more informed purchasing decisions with Replenishment Insights

We’ve made it easier for retail fulfillment customers to forecast demand and strategically purchase inventory with a new report called the Replenishment Insights Report. It’s incredibly useful for buyers who purchase in bulk quantities across multiple retail stores, and aggregates data to identify demand trends across stores. LeafLink helps create visualizations that illuminate how much working capital is invested in each product category and each product. Customers can gain visibility into warehoused products at the fulfillment center, including case counts, unit counts, and store daily demand and plan inventory purchases across all stores with a clear line of sight into SKUs on hand and their projected out of stock date. Lastly, customers can also identify products that have not moved at the warehouse or the stores in the past 30 days, and use that data to decide whether it’s time for a marketing promotion. By stocking their storefronts with best-selling brands and products, retailers can focus their time, energy and money on relationships that will yield higher returns for their business.

See how much warehouse working capital is invested in different products:

Forecast demand and stock outs across all stores:

Ship partial inventory cases to your storefront

Buyers can now ship partial cases of inventory they own from the fulfillment center to a retail store. In simpler terms, you used to only be able to order in whole numbers, which represented the entire case. Now you can order in decimals, which represents the quantity of units in the case. This gives more flexibility to retailers by removing the need to overstock shelves, and helps avoid storing large amounts of inventory in the storefront.

And that wraps up our major product highlights from the quarter. We look forward to continuing to enhance the LeafLink platform experience with new features and capabilities. Check back again in June to see what we deliver in Q2!

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