For All | June 10, 2020

Make the Most Out of 7.10 2020

7.10 2020 is right around the corner! To prepare, we’re looking back at last year to highlight how brands and retailers can benefit from the summer’s biggest sales period.

As a reminder, 7.10 is the cannabis industry’s holiday for concentrates — 7.10 upside down spells ‘OIL’ — though all cannabis products are up for grabs in the June 22nd to July 10th sales period.

Get ready for 7.10 by checking out 5 takeaways from last year

1. Buyers stock up for 7.10 two weeks out

We had several high volume days during last year’s 7.10 deals period, but one stood out: the busiest day in terms of number of orders placed was on June 29th, 11 days before 7.10.

2. 7.10 is for more than oil (aka concentrates)

7.10 is traditionally a concentrates holiday, so we expected that concentrates would be top performers during the 2019 sales period. While cartridges accounted for 33% of all 7.10 sales, the category with the most total orders was actually edibles and ingestibles (24% of all 7.10 orders).

3. Puerto Rico retailers love 7.10 deals

One metric we track during our 7.10 deals period is the performance of Featured Product compared to non-Featured Products in participating states. In 2019, Puerto Rico saw the biggest difference in Featured Products’ sales vs non-Featured Product sales – 54%!

4. Purchasing managers in Arizona wanted to learn more

In Arizona, the increase in interested buyers was 217% higher for Featured Products than for non-Featured Products – the biggest difference we saw in any participating state during 2019’s 7.10 period.

5. Alaska used 7.10 deals to discover new products

Sample requests soared in many participating states, but Alaska really blew it out of the water. Sample requests for Featured Products were up by 800% compared to non-Featured Products during the 2019 deals period.

Find out more about 7.10 and how to list your deals with the 7.10 Deals Guide.

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