For All | July 21, 2022

July 2022 Product Spotlight

Thanks for checking out our July product updates, including major enhancements to how sellers and buyers can take advantage of promotions, LeafLink Payments, multi-facility inventory, and more! Take a look below to see what LeafLink has been up to in the last month.

Below, we’ll share product updates from the past month. Interested in learning more about these features? Visit our Knowledge Base and log in for more details or reach out to to speak with our team directly.


Public Promo Codes

Sellers can now create public promo codes, which will be displayed to buyers on both the Brand Menu and Shop Brands Page. Promo codes are a great way to encourage customers to try new products or services, and can help introduce new product lines or sell excess or unwanted inventory to make room for newer products!

When creating the code, indicate if the promo code should be public and accessible to all eligible buyers by checking the “Display on Brand Menu” box.

Order Cloning

Sellers are now able to clone orders generated on behalf of buyers, from both the Orders Received and Order Summary pages, using the “Actions” column. This streamlines the process of adding similar orders, so you won’t need to manually input repeat orders and can fulfill orders faster.


Buyer and seller admins can now assign users as point-of-contacts for their business within LeafLink’s Settings Page (as well as CRM for sellers only). Establishing a point of contact helps you keep better records and provide better service. It ensures that the other party knows which person is open to communication, and who they can rely on for prompt responses and resolution.

Payment Programs in Marketplace

A new “Standard Accepted Payment Methods” section has been added to the Settings tab for all sellers. This payment method will be universal and set as the default for all buyers, unless otherwise set for an individual buyer. For those who have opted in, LeafLink Payments will be the default option for all buyers that have also opted in to Payments, with the ability to set a fallback option for non-payments customers.

Where both seller and buyer have opted in to LeafLink Payments:

Where seller has not opted in to LeafLink Payments:

Provisional Credit Limits

We’ve preemptively underwritten and approved buyers for LeafLink Flexible Payments, drastically reducing the time in which a user can start transacting via LeafLink. By opting into Flexible Payments, buyers can take advantage of net payment terms (e.g. Net 30, 45, 60), and sell through their inventory before paying for it. They can spread out payments more strategically, increase purchasing power, and avoid potential cash gaps.

LeafLink will be surfacing these credit limits on various pages of the Marketplace user experience. If you are interested in learning more about your credit limit and opting into LeafLink Payments, please reach out to


Direct Payments in AZ, CA, OH, NV, & MA

LeafLink Payments just got more powerful in Arizona, California, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Ohio. Buyers and sellers in these markets can now transact directly on LeafLink with Direct Payments, our electronic, bank-to-bank money transfer system processed via ACH.

Buyers can now centralize payables to sellers on LeafLink simply and securely without ever having to leave the platform, saving significant time. Buyers can pay sellers digitally upon delivery, and sellers can access those funds the next business day.

Buyers, want to learn more about Direct Payments? Check out our video!

Digital Onboarding for LeafLink Payments

Getting started with LeafLink Payments just got a whole lot easier, by way of Digital Onboarding. Users can now access Payments through a simple, quick, and automated workflow. With just a few clicks, users can upload the necessary documents and information including their license number, financial information, and EIN. LeafLink can then easily verify and approve the company for Payments in real time!

LeafLink Payments by Default for Newly Onboarded Customers

Users that join LeafLink Payments will now have their payment preferences set by default to Payments for all invoices at the time of onboarding so that they can start taking advantage of digital transactions more immediately. In addition, all new users will automatically have both our Flexible Payment and Direct Payment programs enabled, in applicable states. Users can seamlessly switch between payment programs that make the most sense for their business and customer needs.

**Users will still be able to update their preferred payment methods on an individual invoice basis.


LeafLink Logistics in Colorado

LeafLink and Green Parcel Service have partnered up to elevate cannabis transportation in Colorado. Together, we’re bringing customers unparalleled delivery experiences. Easily schedule, pack, and track cannabis shipments to a business – anywhere in Colorado!

Facility Inventory

The Facility Inventory feature empowers distributors and multi-state operators to create one retail menu that is fulfilled from multiple warehouse facilities. In the past, customers had to create a separate retail menu for each facility, or manually determine which facility should fulfill an order using an external system. This new feature enables inventory assignment by facility, which helps sellers manage inventory at scale. Facility Inventory is currently available to sellers in the US!

And that’s a wrap! We’ve got a great rest of the year lined up, so check back in next month for more.

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