For Brands | September 21, 2020

Growing Your Cannabis Brand on LeafLink’s Wholesale Marketplace

Looking for the best way to get your wholesale cannabis brand seen by more buyers? Check out these tips and tricks on boosting your brand on LeafLink.

Whether you’re new to LeafLink or just looking to make the most out of your membership, check out these tips and tricks to get your brand seen by more retailers on the wholesale cannabis marketplace.

Keep an Up-to-Date Profile

The more put together your Brand Profile is, the more exposure you’ll get to purchasing managers. Your Brand Profile is accessible on the platform by selecting Settings from the left navigation panel. You can edit the information anytime – just remember to hit save!

After you arrive, check out your current company description and logo. Do they need an update? As retailers shop around, brands who keep an updated profile are more likely to grab their attention.

It’s also important to keep your license current. LeafLink makes it easy for brands to stay compliant by showing you banner notifications 30-days before expiration.

Use High-Quality Images

Retailers respond best to brand profiles with high-quality images. LeafLink recommends using multiple, hi-res images for each wholesale cannabis product available. For more information on how to optimize images in your profile, check out the image below.

Additionally, LeafLink’s Preview Menu page allows you to get a sneak peek of how your products are displayed to buyers on the marketplace.

Make Your Menu Public

Did you know brands can make a Public Menu and share it with buyers who don’t yet use the wholesale cannabis marketplace? Public Menus showcase your full product offering on LeafLink based on inventory availability. You can make a Public Menu

You can make a Public Menu by selecting the initials (associated with your username) in the upper right corner of the logged-in dashboard and clicking ‘Share LeafLink.’ You can also watch this video tutorial on making a LeafLink public menu.

Brands can also share their Public Menu by emailing the link directly to retailers, or by including a ‘Shop Us on LeafLink’ button in email signatures and on LinkedIn.

You can find Public Menu links by scrolling down on the Share LeafLink page. Follow the instructions to start sharing your menu!

Feature a Product

Featured Products are a great way to show off new and fan-favorite products, as well as build brand equity. You are able to feature one product per license. This product will appear at the top of your Shop Brand page.

To Feature a Product, select Inventory on the left dashboard. From there, find the product you want to feature and click ‘Edit’. ‘Scroll down to ‘Product Visibility Settings’ and select ‘Feature Product.’

Pro tip: LeafLink has Deals periods three times a year. The next one, LeafLink Month, is coming up in December. If you have a product already featured, you can easily activate it to appear on the Deals Page. You can find more information our Deals period here.

To Feature a Product during a Deals Period, select Inventory on the left dashboard. From there, find the product you want to feature and click ‘Edit’. Scroll down to ‘Product Visibility Settings’ and click the checkbox ‘LeafLink Deals ‘.

Use Custom Menus and Promo Codes

Whether you have already negotiated special pricing with a top buyer, or are offering a special promotion on a new wholesale cannabis product, it’s worth being proactive about setting up Custom Menus and Promo Codes.

Learn how to create Custom Menus and Promo Codes on LeafLink.

Join the Certified Seller Program!

We built LeafLink’s Certified Seller program to recognize the most reliable and communicative brands on the wholesale cannabis marketplace. Elite Seller and Power Sellers receive a badge on their profile, indicating to retailers that they are established, professional operators. Buyers can filter search results to display only Power Sellers and Elite Sellers.

Power Sellers – An evolution of the current Trusted Seller status. Power Sellers set the standard for selling on LeafLink.

Elite Sellers – The best-of-the-best on the LeafLink marketplace. Elite Sellers provide exceptional service to buyers by keeping product inventory information accurate, quickly responding to orders, and communicating with buyers to ensure seamless delivery. Sellers must meet all Power Seller criteria to qualify for Elite Status.

Learn more about becoming a Power and Elite seller here.

Want more tips on how to boost your brand in the wholesale cannabis marketplace?

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