For Brands | September 7, 2023

Calling All Sellers: Capitalize on Cannabis’s Busiest Retail Time of the Year

Every business needs simple ways to improve revenue, but, for cannabis brands, it can be hard to find those opportunities if you don’t have the right data. The key is to understand the times of the year that dispensary purchasing managers shop the most, and take advantage of these high volume opportunities to drive more brand awareness and revenue.

Dispensaries are stocking up for 4/20

Like any industry, cannabis retailers need to stock up before high-volume shopping times for consumers. In cannabis, these are the days that dispensaries have the most traffic, and purchasing managers need to stock up in advance to meet that demand. It’s the perfect opportunity for brands to increase their visibility to increase revenue as retailers stock up.

How to reach more wholesale buyers

LeafLink Deals periods are our way of helping you reach more buyers as they are stocking up on inventory for these important days. Brands can discount products, which are then featured on a dedicated deals page for each of the periods (3.20, 7.10, and LeafLink Month). Brands that discount products also have the opportunity to be featured in our email blasts and social media for extra visibility.

Listing your 3.20 Deals

Our 3.20 Deals Page is live! To list deals, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

First, head to your inventory and choose a product you want to feature on the 3.20 Deals page.

Next, edit the product and add a “Deal Price” that is discounted by at least 5% of the wholesale price.

Scroll to the bottom of your page and hit save – you’ve officially added your product to the 3.20 Deals page!

Once you’ve listed deals, they will appear on the dedicated 3.20 Deals Page and you’ll also have the chance to be featured in additional promotion via email and our social channels. More of a video person? Check out our tutorial for listing 3.20 Deals.

3.20 Deals run until 4/20, and then your next chance to drive extra revenue will come in the summer for 7.10. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to increase brand awareness and revenue – happy 3.20!

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