For All | August 25, 2022

August 2022 Product Spotlight

Thank you for checking out our August product updates, which include in-platform order collaboration between sellers and buyers, the ability to have more control on payment due dates for LeafLink Payments, drafting replenishment orders for Retail Fulfillment, and more! Take a look below to see what LeafLink has been up to in the last month.

Below, we’ll share product updates from the past month. Interested in learning more about these features? Visit our Knowledge Base for more details or reach out to to speak with our team directly.



Collaborative Orders

Sellers and buyers can now collaborate digitally on whole cannabis orders directly in LeafLink. When a seller creates an order on the buyer’s behalf (SGO), the buyer can formally review the order before it is processed, giving them the opportunity to confirm or change pertinent order details, such as product quantity, delivery information, or price, before it’s added to the seller’s fulfillment queue. No more having to manually text or call off-platform when confirming orders, which creates a ton of operational efficiency.

How a seller sends an order to a buyer for review:

Once created and sent for review, the order will sit in the “Collaborative Orders” list. The buyer will need to “Review order” and “Accept,” as seen below:


Direct Payments Auto-Activation for Buyers

All buyers in eligible LeafLink Direct Payments states (AZ, CA, CO, MA, NV, & OH) that are already leveraging Flexible Payments are now automatically eligible for Direct Payments transactions. Sellers can choose to leverage Direct Payments with all of these buyers by simply updating their payment preferences. Buyers can pay for orders via ACH transaction by selecting “Authorize Payment” in their To Do list. This makes it easier to opt-in to Direct Payments, reducing the barrier to entry for free in-platform ACH payments. With Direct Payments, LeafLink customers can take advantage of higher margins and profits, safe and reliable transactions, and centralized AP/AR.

How seller can update their payment preferences to Direct Payments:

Buyers, want to learn more about Direct Payments? Check out our video!

Buyer Custom Due Dates

Buyers can now have their preferences set for what days of the week LeafLink collects funds from their account by LeafLink servicers, as payments are due. To avoid having funds removed from a buyer’s bank account every day of the week, buyers can instead tell LeafLink when in the week they would like to have all invoices collected from their bank to help consolidate their number of weekly transactions. This creates a more efficient and predictable process for buyers to organize their accounts payable via LeafLink.

LeafLink’s Servicing Team configures custom due dates on a buyer’s behalf:

If you’re interested in setting up a custom due date for invoice collection, please reach out to your Account Manager to get started.


Metrc Manifest Generation for Replenishment Orders

Our warehouse partners can now automate data entry into Metrc transfer manifests for replenishment orders. As inventory is pulled from the shelf, the fulfillment partner scans each Metrc tag with a scan gun. Each scan digitizes the tag data and adds it to the Metrc transfer manifest for the order. The feature also auto-imports transportation data into the manifest from our Transportation Management System, reducing the time it takes to create a compliance document. Warehouse partners can fulfill orders faster, more than 15 minutes per order on average.

Replenishment Order Drafts

LeafLink is adapting to meet retailer needs by letting them save a draft of a replenishment order (as a reminder, a replenishment order ships a retailer’s warehouse inventory to their storefront, and is made possible through LeafLink’s Retail Fulfillment offering). This feature helps LeafLink fit into the retail fulfillment customer’s lifestyle, and ensures that if they’re interrupted during the replenishment order creation process they don’t have to start all over again.

Additionally, more sophisticated retail customers forecast demand when submitting replenishment orders. This new feature provides customers with multiple retail locations the ability to save their work, while they confirm that each store needs the type of products they wish to ship to them. When they’re ready, they can ship the store products that are most likely to sell at that location, which helps our customers create irresistible in-store shopping experiences.

Default Payment Options in Brand Fulfillment Workflow

LeafLink Logistics workflows just got smarter and more flexible. The Warehouse Dashboard now imports the default payment options that customers set at the account-level, and automatically pre-selects this payment option after an order has been accepted by the fulfillment partner. This saves our customers time during order processing, delivering a more intelligent user experience.

See how you can set up your default payments in marketplace below:

Where both seller and buyer have opted in to LeafLink Payments:

Where seller has not opted in to LeafLink Payments:

And that’s a wrap! We’ve got a great rest of the year lined up, so check back in next month for more!

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