3.20 is the New 4.20 For Wholesale Cannabis

Guides • March 12, 2020

What makes 3.20 the new 4.20 for wholesale cannabis? Check out our latest blog post to find out.

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As the cannabis industry prepares for its busiest day of the year, retailers have to make sure their stores are fully stocked. The month leading up to 4.20 is one of the biggest months for wholesalers as retailers order for the rush.

To help brands leverage this increased demand, LeafLink offers a way to get in front of more purchasing managers: the 3.20 Deals Page.

Why 3.20?

4.20 is historically the biggest day of the year for retail cannabis sales. Last year, sales rose 38% from 2018, according to MJ Freeway.

Because of this spike in consumer purchasing, LeafLink’s peak time for wholesale ordering begins on 3.20, the month before the April 20th holiday.

During this month, retailers are able to find 5-50% promotions on top products from their favorite brands on the 3.20 Deals Page.

How to Participate in 3.20

To help brands get more exposure to retailers during the busy season, we are celebrating 3.20 for the third year in a row with the 3.20 Deals Page. Here, brands can showcase exclusive deals to purchasing managers who are stocking up. Last year, over 70% of retailers on LeafLink visited the 3.20 Deals Page for their 4.20 purchasing needs.

Brands can select up to 3 products at a time to feature on the page by applying a sales price of at least 5% off the wholesale price. These products will be featured on the 3.20 Deals Page from 3.20 until 4.20 while supplies last. Throughout the month, brands can swap out their featured deals, so retailers should check back frequently.

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Brands who participated in the last Deals period saw a 31% increase in sales and a 104% increase in sample requests. Plus, 42% of retailers purchased a product from the Deals Page during our last Deals Month.

Are You 3.20 Ready?

Are you a brand ready to start listing 3.20 Deals? Check out our Deals Guide to learn more about setting up your promotions.

Are you a retailer looking for great 3.20 deals? Deals go live on March 20th, and keep an eye out for 3.20 emails with more info on the top discounted products in your state!

Not on LeafLink?

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