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Announcing 2019 LeafLink List Winners

LeafLink List recognizes the best-performing and fastest-growing brands, products, and retailers on our marketplace in 2019.

The 2019 Wholesale Cannabis Pricing Guide is here

This comprehensive guide includes average 2019 pricing for five key product categories, as well as the impact those price points have on sales.

a high-powered sales experience.

As the industry standard platform, LeafLink is for cannabis brands, distributors, and retailers who want to streamline the ordering process, simplify communication, and spend less time on busy work.

With a robust online marketplace, CRM, and order management tools, we’ve created a centralized sales engine to help you manage and grow your business.

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Top cannabis brands use LeafLink to make it easier for retailers to order online.

LeafLink For Brands + Distributors

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LeafLink offers 24/7 exposure to thousands of purchasing managers. Retailers can use the marketplace to create orders, request samples, and send messages with a few clicks.

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orders + reports all in one spot

View, edit, track, and analyze orders from one platform—whether they come in through LeafLink or are entered by your sales team.

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CRM with integrated order history

Streamline relationship management as your client base grows! See customer information, order history, and sales activity using one software.

LeafLink For Retailers

make ordering inventory strain-free.

Save up to 8 hours per week shopping your favorite brands in one cart. Real-time order status updates eliminate hours spent on emails and calls. The best part is, LeafLink is free for retailers!

Free free time awaits you.

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discover new products + request samples

Vendor menus are always up-to-date so you can order customer favorites or try the latest products.

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review open orders + history

Manage inventory quickly with easy product reordering and track delivery statuses from submitted to shipped.

cannabis companies love using LeafLink.

Josh Best of Medicine Man
Josh Best Inventory Control Manager, Medicine Man

LeafLink's all-in-one platform has simplified placing orders in a time-efficient manner. It has eliminated the hassle of numerous phone calls, texts, and emails with our vendors regarding current inventory and what's available for purchase. Being able to simply use the reorder feature has been an added bonus and has saved me a lot of time.

Nancy Whiteman of Wana Brands
Nancy Whiteman Co-Founder & Co-Owner,
Wana Brands

LeafLink has streamlined wholesale ordering for both our sales representatives and our customers in Colorado and Oregon. Now, our team spends less time taking in orders and more time building relationships, and our retailers enjoy the convenience of ordering and discovering Wana’s products on LeafLink.

Allie Beaton of The Higher Path
Allie Beaton Manager & Vendor Coordinator, The Higher Path

LeafLink has been a real life saver! Being a vendor coordinator can be very stressful, especially when it comes to texting multiple vendors per day, keeping track of orders, wholesale information, incoming samples... the list goes on and on! Thank you Josh for introducing me to LeafLink. It has made the ordering process so incredibly easy and organized!