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LeafLink for Retailers

LeafLink helps purchasing managers save up to 8 hours per week by centralizing vendor communication and order information through the e-commerce marketplace. 

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Order Management

Restock your store's inventory and track order status with a few clicks.

Product Discovery

Browse products or shop by brand using advanced filters.

Direct Messaging

Ask brands about new products or check in on outstanding orders.

Sample Requests

Try before you buy with our simple Sample Request feature.

Retailer Engagement Team

Learn how to use and optimize your LeafLink account starting on day one.

Support Team

Access technical support to keep operations running smoothly.

What clients are saying

“LeafLink has been a great resource for our team - I use it every day. From its vast network of vendors, to order fulfillment and shipping status updates, to new product announcements, its one-stop-shop model has helped me streamline the ordering process for the 15+ stores I oversee.”

Photo of Dan Hirchak, LeafLink client from Harvest dispensary

Dan Hirchak

Purchasing Manager, Harvest

“LeafLink's all-in-one platform has simplified the ordering process for me in a time-efficient manner. It has eliminated the hassle of exchanging numerous phone calls, texts, and emails with our vendors regarding current inventory and what's available for purchase. Being able to simply use the reorder feature has been an added bonus and has saved me a lot of time.”

Josh Best Medicine Man Dispensary

Josh Best

Purchasing Manager, Medicine Man

“We work with over 150 brands and distributors so the ordering process can be time consuming and disorganized. LeafLink helps me save time by allowing me to shop all of our brands' live menus 24/7 so I can focus on ordering and other responsibilities. It also helps me stay organized by keeping an electronic record of the orders I place.”

Max Herrera Atrium dispensary

Max Herrera

Purchasing Manager, Atrium

The Marketplace

Leading cannabis brands, across the U.S.

When you join LeafLink, you'll be able to easily order from our network of top cannabis brands and distributors in the U.S.



Over 3.7K brands and counting use the marketplace



The marketplace is currently live in 27 territories



More than 180,000 products are listed on LeafLink

Annual Orders


Businesses use LeafLink to manage over $4.5 billion in orders annually

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