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"Craft Cannabis"

Sold By UKU , OR

Located in the Volcanic Arc region of Northern Oregon, Uku produces high quality, sustainable cannabis. Our plants are enriched by crystal clear running water and rich soil developed over thousands of years, unable to be replicated.

Each dried flower product from Uku begins life on our farm where we plant the seeds, nurture the seedlings and harvest and cultivate our mature plants by hand and with care by our own experts. Cannabis is not only our expertise, it is our passion. Bringing a consistently high-quality experience to our community is what motivates us every day.

Our objective is optimizing our harvest for quality, quantity, and consistency while keeping it safe for you and the environment. We believe that continuously perfecting our growing techniques are critical to delivering an exceptional harvest so you have the best experience.

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A Bud Bagged Flower

B Bud Bagged Flower

Sour OG

Product Info
THC 25.51 %
Strain Classification Hybrid
Strains Sour OG
Grow Operation Indoor

Bulk Terpenes

CO2 Cartridge

INTRODUCTION of CO2 .5gram cartridge

Product Info
THC 71.10 %
Strain Classification N/A
Strains Purple train Wreck
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(10x Gram per Case)


Product Info
THC 67.50 %
Strain Classification N/A

Distillate Cartridge Sample


Product Info
THC 81.50 %
Strain Classification Hybrid


Variable Voltage Battery & Charger

Product Info
Other Battery for Cartridge
Strain Classification N/A