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"Artisanal Handcrafted Concentrates"

Sold By Clearview Industries LLC 2145 W Evans Ave Denver , CO

Our cannabis concentrates are expertly extracted with selective artisanal techniques to produce the most authentic and robust native terpene flavor profiles. All Spectrum Concentrates products are made from fresh frozen cannabis plant material, preserving the full terpene profile.


Our industry professionals use a compilation of techniques that utilize organic hydrocarbon solvent washes of cannabis material in closed-loop botanical extraction machinery. We do not use any additives of any kind and source from only reputable, locally-grown Colorado flower cultivators.


Utilizing fresh frozen cannabis buds in our extraction allows us to preserve the full terpene profile. By freezing the freshly harvested material, we preserve the volatile terpenes that would normally be lost during the drying process. More natural methods result in a more authentic flavor. 

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High-Potency Crystalline + Vape Oil

High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract

Phoenix full-terpene liquid captures the unique flavor profiles drizzled over our high-terpene crystalline. With the potency...

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Nectar Vape Oil

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Phoenix High-Potency Crystalline + Vape Oil

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