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Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a compound that occurs naturally in the cannabis plant. It is rumored to help alleviate pain, treat nausea and even combat depression. Combined with all natural elements and natural oils, it’s good for more than simply getting medicated, and adds a therapeutic touch to a relaxing soak in the bath, a pain-relieving massage or an evening between the sheets.  

As we continue to learn more about cannabis and the extensive qualities it possesses, the more medicinal values we find in it. Cannabis has been used to treat many different ailments over the years. This is especially true when cannabis is combined with other organic and all natural elements and oils. These all natural organic elements and oils, when combined with cannabis allow the skin to fully absorb the THC into the pores and blood stream.

SCRED blends the highest quality cannabis with ingredients sustainably sourced from around the county. We use natural organic ingredients wherever we can, and test each and every batch to ensure the highest levels of quality. We’ve invested years developing these blends, and it is important to us that each dose provides you with a memorable, relaxing experience. 

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Massage Oil

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Our massage oil delivers
targeted support; helping to
soothe, relax and revitalize
tired muscles and in?amed
joints. Enjoy pain free living
without the high.

Product Info
THC 210 mg
Strain Classification Hybrid


Our Epsom Salt Soak for muscle relief provides a blissful bath treatment relaxing body and soul while reducing inflammation and restoring tired muscles. Cannabis oil pleasantly moisturizes the skin and has been shown to help with many inflammation-related problems. Our naturally blended oils will leave you feeling restored, rejuvenated and most importantly, pain free.
Product Info
Strain Classification Hybrid
Designed to help you unwind, relieve the ache of tired muscles and banish the stress of modern life, our Epsom Salt Soak makes a great therapeutic addition to your evening bath.
Product Info
THC 30 mg
Strain Classification Hybrid