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"Feel the Flavor"

Sold By KGB Reserve , CA

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Infused Preroll

Four is the number of completion. It connects mind, body and soul to the physical world. KGB Reserve begins with four standalone ingredients to create a deliciously indulgent experience. Hand rolled “Killer Green Bud” infused with a special blend of pure cannabis oil mixed with a dollop of the finest diamond sauce; finished with a light dusting of locally sourced kief.

Feel the Flavor

Product Info
THC 22 - 39 %
Strain Classification Hybrid

Sauce Pen

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Sauce. A French word with latin roots and it means flavor.

KGB Reserve offers a unique sensory experience filled with THC and packed with terpenes. The finest ingredients in the purest form delivers discrete convenience to delight your senses and tantalize your taste buds.

Feel the Flavor

Product Info
THC 62 - 80 %
Strain Classification N/A
Strains Gelato Punch, Mint Chocolate Chip, Sour Dubb, Sundae Driver