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We’re not just marijuana manufacturers - we’re avid users of our own product and have crafted our ever-increasing line of concentrates, topicals & edibles based around our own needs and the needs of our customers. Located in South Anchorage, the Cold Creek Extracts laboratory contains state-of-the-art equipment, utilizing two primary methods of cannabis cannabinoid and terpene extraction: cold wash ethanol extraction & solvent-free extraction.

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Alaska Rescue Balm

This topical is perfectly firm, until you lightly push into it with your finger. It melts immediately upon contact with the warm skin, providing soothing relief of MY musculoskeletal pain. Lavender, Chamomile, D-limonene make an absolute soothing scent. 554.87mg total activated THC min per tin on this batch.

Quantity Available: 45

Product Info
THC 554.87 mg
Strain Classification N/A


Ultra-refined EHO distillate with a Do-Si-Doe terpene profile provides a very smooth & flavorful experience. 

Product Info
Cannabinoids 75.38 %
Total CBD 1.57 %
Total THC 69.26 %
Strain Classification Hybrid

Personal favorite profile, with that smooth sweetness with a touch of spice coming through. 

Available in .5g & 1g on Sale for $25 per .5g, $45 per 1g

This will be our new pricing more than likely

Product Info
Terpenes 7 %
Cannabinoids 85 %
Strain Classification N/A

Locomotion distillate vape cartridges with full-spectrum cannabis derived terpenes. Available in both .5g & 1g cartridges, while supplies last.

Product Info
Cannabinoids 81.04 %
Total CBD 1.01 %
Total THC 74.93 %
Strain Classification Indica Hybrid

Tangie is an easy crowd favorite. Broad Spectrum Ethanol Distillation will be sure to leave your customer satisfied with their purchase. 7.78% terpene

.5g On Sale for $25

1G  On Sale for $45

Product Info
Cannabinoids 83.75 %
THC 79.08 %
Strain Classification Sativa

Full Spectrum CannaCaps

GG4 strain indica-dominant hybrid Canna Caps, available only in 10-packs. This batch tested at 47.70mg total activated THC per package.

Quantity Available: 2078

Product Info
THC 47.70 mg
Strain Classification Indica Hybrid

These are a CBD-heavy canna cap, extracted from Golden Lemons strain cannabis. Only available in 10-packs. GROWN HERE NOT FLOWN HERE LIKE 98% of ALL OTHER CBD PRODUCTS.

Lab test results show:

- 2.89 mg THCA

- 3.99 mg THC

- 53.82 mg CBD

- 1.21 mg CBG

- 2.56 mg CBC

Quantity Available: 1625

Product Info
CBG 1.21 mg
CBD 53.82 mg
THC 3.99 mg
Strain Classification High CBD

Alaskan Favorit Lemon Ice Pucker Sativa Canna Caps are back and better than ever!! 5.4mg THC per capsule. We were pushing the line with this batch.

Full Spectrum, Can not beat these capsules on the Alaska market. No added sugar, no mold, what else can you ask for in an edible? 

We will also price match any of our competitors canna caps.

Quantity Available: 199

Product Info
THC 54 mg
Strain Classification Sativa

This batch of canna caps are derived from Snow Capped Romance strain cannabis (sativa), cultivated by The Connoisseur. Only 10-packs available.

Product Info
THC 46.91 mg
Strain Classification Sativa

Pull-N-Snap Shatter

GG4 strain Pull-N-Snap Shatter, cultivated by Guest Services.

Product Info
Terpenes 2.30 %
Cannabinoids 82.52 %
Total CBD 0.25 %
Total THC 70.94 %
Strain Classification Indica Hybrid

Martian Haze Pull-N-Snap Shatter, cultivated by Boreal. 

Product Info
Terpenes 1.48 %
Cannabinoids 73.45 %
Total THC 63.78 %
Strain Classification Sativa

This Rude Boi OG Pull-N-Snap Shatter was cultivated by Guest Services.

Product Info
Terpenes 1.71 %
Cannabinoids 70.91 %
Total THC 60.93 %
Strain Classification Indica Hybrid

This Pull-N-Snap Shatter is Snow Capped Romance crossed with Rosetta Stone. This batch tested at 79.63% total cannabinoids & 1.99% total terpenes. 

Product Info
Total THC 69.38 %
Strain Classification Sativa Hybrid

Rosin Melt

Snow Capped Romance strain small-batch broad spectrum hash rosin, cultivated by The Connoisseur AK. Fantastic terpenes - 4.93%

Product Info
Terpenes 4.93 %
Cannabinoids 84.20 %
Total THC 72.28 %
Strain Classification Sativa

Sugar Wax

Snow capped romance sugar wax

Product Info
Terpenes 2.52 %
Cannabinoids 71.23 %
Total THC 62.81 %
Strain Classification Sativa

Violet Vintage Sunrise Sugar Wax, cultivated by Stoned Salmon Farms.

Product Info
Terpenes 2.33 %
Cannabinoids 77.75 %
Total CBD 0.14 %
Total THC 64.29 %
Strain Classification Indica Hybrid