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Learn how The Lab used LeafLink to increase orders and client engagement in the month leading up to 4.20

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Add Legitimacy to Your Marketing with LeafLink

Cannabis brands have a unique opportunity to target retail purchasing managers at the exact moment they're making purchasing decisions. Every impression represents a potential buyer.

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“We have spent a lot of money on things and don’t know if they work or not. To have a company share these analytics and give feedback is really refreshing.”

Company Overview

The Lab is a concentrates brand in Colorado. They've been in business for over 8 years and have used LeafLink for over 2 years for wholesale order management.

Product Focus: Concentrates

The Goal

Use advertising to increase sales and reach new business.

The Strategy

The Lab ran sponsored ads on LeafLink, targeting purchasing managers in Colorado for one month leading up to 4.20. The Lab chose to use discount-based messaging and feature a specific product: PURE high terpene extract cartridges. The ads ran on the LeafLink Discover page and Shop Brands page.

“Success in advertising means tangible analytics to show that you reached a designated audience and are gaining new business.”

The Results

  • Unbeatable Targeting
    15,217 Impressions by licensed retailers and 44 Menu Visits directly from ad clicks
  • Engaged Clients
    Re-engaged a Client who had not ordered in over 6 months and 4 Clients placed 2 orders in one month for the first time
  • Increased Orders
    2 First Orders totaling over $4,000 and $39,000 in Orders from users who clicked on an ad first

The Bottom Line

  • 19% increase in monthly sales over the past 6-month average
  • 51% increase in sample requests from the prior month
  • 100% increase in new customer samples from the prior month