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Learn how State Flower used LeafLink to simplify operations and improve customer service

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Simplify operations and improve customer service with LeafLink

Brands accepting orders from dozens of clients need to stay on top of order management. For many brands, this involves coordinating between sales and fulfillment teams.

LeafLink's order fulfillment flow, CRM, and manual orders features provide businesses with a single source of truth for orders and customer information, allowing them to better serve their customers.

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“There is more transparency when it comes to orders. And then we can also look at reporting based off of how many units we’ve sold or what month we sold it. So it gives me more access into what we are doing as a business.”

Marc Philobos | Director of Distribution & Partnerships, State Flower

Company Overview

State Flower is a Flower brand based in California, and also available in Nevada. They’ve been in business for 4+ years and have used LeafLink for the past year to manage their multi-state, multi-brand operation.

Product focus: Flower and Pre-Rolls

The Goal

State Flower aimed to use LeafLink to organize orders and customer information, so that the sales and logistics teams could operate more efficiently, while improving order response time and accuracy.

The Challenge

Without a centralized source for order information, details about orders and customers were getting lost, leading to errors in orders and longer order response times.

“The details from orders trickled in very slowly. Pre-2018, very few people brought us invoices at all! When somebody would come in without an invoice, we would hand them a blank sheet of paper and say: ‘You need to fill this out for us.’ It looked weird. Anyone could have written those invoices!"

The Solution

Centralize all order & customer information

  • Use the manual order feature. Sales reps enter orders that occur off the platform into LeafLink on behalf of customers to track sales with complete order history.

  • Update the order status page to provide more transparency into order status for both State Flower teams and for customers.

  • Utilize the CRM to record each customer touchpoint (emails, calls, etc.). This feature allows members of the team to track sales progress and provides oversight into each customer interaction.

The Results

State Flower streamlined their order management process and established a single source for all order and customer information.

  • Improved Customer Service
    “The order comes from me, goes straight into the system, and the team sees it right away. There is no lag time.”

  • More efficient order fulfillment process
    “Some of the things LeafLink has come up with in terms of a user flow or a workflow process has helped keep us more organized on a per-order basis.”

  • One Source of Truth for Order Information
    “As things change or there is movement, you can keep moving without a hiccup or delay because all the information is tracked in LeafLink."