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Learn how High Life Farms partnered with LeafLink to take the burden out of distributing samples and saw 3x ROI

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High Life Farms Partners with LeafLink to Take the Burden Out of Distributing Samples, Sees a 3X ROI

Distributing trade samples is a very time-consuming task and comes with a lot of costly, operational headaches. In Michigan, state laws prevent brands like High Life Farms from being able to self-distribute products above a certain threshold, which means they have to rely on a third-party transportation provider to deliver their products of high quantity — samples included. A major challenge with this approach is reaching an order volume large enough to achieve viable unit economics on deliveries, since there is no price differentiation between delivering a standard order and delivering a trade sample. The high cost of delivery becomes difficult to justify.

As a workaround, High Life Farms would rely on their Sales Team to deliver these trade samples, but that meant cutting into meeting times with customers and limiting the number of retailers they could distribute trade samples to within a given month.

See how LeafLink’s Sample Program takes the burden out of distributing samples in the cannabis industry, and gives brands the opportunity to cultivate relationships with new retailers by giving them access to our extensive retail and logistics networks!

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