Learn how Dixie elevated internal communication and streamlined logistics with LeafLink to drive sales

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Elevate your inter-team communication with LeafLink

Effective cross-team communication is an invaluable part of any business.

LeafLink’s transparent order status features and reporting tools allow for seamless communication between logistics and sales teams.

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“Before [LeafLink] we didn’t have a way of linking our departments. [LeafLink] fixed a huge issue of communication with [the logistics team]. We used to do all this stuff manually - the purchase orders we sent out changed hands so many times, the amount of mistakes we would get… they were everywhere.”

Company Overview

Dixie is an edibles brand based in Colorado. They’ve been in business for 4+ years and have used LeafLink for over 2 years to streamline their order fulfillment process between their sales and logistics teams.

Product Focus:
Edibles including chocolate, dew drops, gummies, elixirs

The Goal

Use LeafLink to streamline communication between the sales and logistics teams to improve the order fulfillment process.

The Challenge

Before LeafLink, communication challenges between departments led to mistakes on purchase orders.

  • Successful inter-team communication looks like...
    a simple tool to bring transparency into an organization. A soon as an order is accepted the logistics team should be notified so they can begin fulfillment and shipments can be routed in a timely manner

"We've adapted our organization around that so we can flawlessly communicate to our logistics department when an order is ready to go and when it's been shipped, so that's been extremely helpful for us. LeafLink is the only link we have, and is the most important one between getting orders and getting them to the store."

The Results

Streamlined communication with logistics team

LeafLink empowers Dixie to successfully process an increase in order volume of over 433% on their busiest days by empowering their sales and logistics teams to communicate more effectively.

Added Benefits

After implementing LeafLink, Dixie discovered a number of added benefits outside of their original intent with the platform.

  • Successful route mapping using LeafLink reports
    The logistics team uses 4-5 LeafLink reports to streamline their planning for deliveries.
  • Streamlined operations and internal organization
    The sales director uses the Team Sales Report daily to see what everyone else on the team is doing in terms of orders and daily sales.