LeafLink and C-3PL Join Forces to Bring Innovative Retail Fulfillment Solutions to Oregon’s Cannabis Industry

Community • September 12, 2022

With Full-Service Technology Platform and New Partnership, LeafLink and C-3PL Will Help Oregon Retailers Improve Cash Flow, Streamline Operations & Respond to Changing Consumer Demand

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With Full-Service Technology Platform and New Partnership, LeafLink and C-3PL Will Help Oregon Retailers Improve Cash Flow, Streamline Operations & Respond to Changing Consumer Demand

Today, LeafLink and C-3PL, a subsidiary of Nova Paths dedicated to providing world class third-party logistics to the cannabis industry, are announcing a new partnership to bring innovative retail fulfillment solutions to Oregon’s cannabis industry. Beginning on September 6, Retail Fulfillment from LeafLink and C-3PL will help retailers streamline intake, vendor payments and inventory management, while adding free 30-day financing for inventory purchases. This new offering will help Oregon retailers to improve cash flow, streamline operations, and respond to changing consumer demand.

Retail Fulfillment allows Oregon cannabis retailers to leverage volume discounts, manage inventory more efficiently, and free up working capital, to allow even more focus on in-store experience for customers and employees. The process is straightforward and simple: retailers order inventory exactly as they do today – from LeafLink or from any other source. Vendors can be paid upon delivery by LeafLink, then retailers pay LeafLink up to 30 days later. Suppliers ship directly to the C-3PL warehouse, where retailers can use the LeafLink platform to monitor and manage their available inventory and schedule delivery by C-3PL’s fulfillment team on a regular schedule or as they need it.

“From managing inventory and cash-flow to dealing with staffing challenges and engaging customers, the laundry list of tasks Oregon retailers must contend with day-to-day is a mile long. That’s where our Retail Fulfillment solution comes in,” said Ryan G. Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of LeafLink. “With this full-service solution, LeafLink and C-3PL will take receiving, storage, and inventory management off retailers’ plates. We'll also increase access to working capital through our free 30-day terms. Now, retail management teams can focus even more on the in-store experience, on utilizing improved cash flow, and streamlining retail operations.”

“Oregon retailers have to juggle so many things as they aim for profitability and growth,” said Ash Gupte, co-founder and CEO of Nova Paths, C-3PL’s parent company. “Every week, and in virtually every store, a great deal of employee time is consumed in receiving and restocking product lines with hours spent on coordination, interaction and money handling, not to mention compliance verification. With constantly changing consumer demand and more challenging market conditions, it’s never been as important for retailers to have strong, reliable partners like LeafLink and C-3PL to help them enhance and streamline such operations. This type of offering is only possible through a partnership between a scaled technology and finance provider like LeafLink, and a committed and capable in-state logistics provider like C-3PL. We are excited to help Oregon retailers save time, hassle, and money as they continue to grow their businesses.”

“This is a very exciting advance for the Oregon cannabis industry,” said Bill Kelly, General Partner of the AgriCascadia fund, Nova Paths’ largest investor. “Watching C-3PL and LeafLink build such a valuable offering for Oregon’s dedicated and innovative retailers has been exciting. Retail Fulfillment brings Oregon retailers a massive opportunity to focus more on the differentiation they can control – the in-store experience. Instead of getting distracted by the ongoing hassles of intake and the limits of in-store inventory management, more attention can be placed on constantly improving customer engagement. And LeafLink adding free 30-day terms to every purchase is amazing. The whole package is a huge opportunity for Oregon retailers to streamline operations and serve their customers even more.”

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