Streamlining Wholesale Cannabis Ordering with LeafLink's Salesforce Integration

Product Resources • September 29, 2020

We know that it takes more than one software system to run a successful cannabis business. Learn how LeafLink's Professional Services team can help.

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Whether you use accounting software, or a specific seed-to-sale system, LeafLink strives to help you automate your wholesale cannabis operations as much as possible, including through software integrations.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at how our Salesforce integration can help you save time and improve your brand’s workflow. To learn more about the integrations we offer, check out our current list here.

New to LeafLink, or don’t see the integration you’re looking for? Let your Client Experience manager know what systems you are using so we start working on solutions to improve the cannabis ordering process.

LeafLink x Salesforce: An Overview

Integrating your LeafLink account with Salesforce can help you save time and avoid double data entry by syncing cannabis orders, customers, and inventory between the two systems.

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What Cannabis Brands Are Saying About LeafLink’s Salesforce Integration

"The LeafLink to Salesforce integration has seriously been a savior. Orders now sync flawlessly to our Salesforce org, freeing up our sales reps to sell and eliminating order input errors. I can’t thank the team at LeafLink enough for the smooth and easy setup and integration."

- Bryan Mosher, Sales Support Manager & Salesforce Admin, CODA Signature

Other Integrations Available Through LeafLink’s Marketplace

Depending on what other systems you use, we have a few different options available:

  1. Integrations already built and managed by the system itself
  2. LeafLink’s Professional Services team-led integration
  3. A third-party integration

If you provide your LeafLink Client Experience Manager with information on what system you’d like to integrate, we can help you identify the best option for your company. If no integration exists, we have an open API with documentation you can use to build the integration yourself.

Learn More About LeafLink Integrations

Tune into our webinar on October 7th to learn more about getting started with LeafLink’s Salesforce Integration, and how our Professional Services team can help streamline your wholesale cannabis business operations.

Help us help you - do you have a system that you are interested in integrating with LeafLink? What systems do you use? Let us know through our survey here.

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